Service Terms

These Terms apply to anyone using our Services.


1.            AGREEMENT

Both you and we agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


2.            YOUR PROMISES TO US

The Booking

2.1          in relation to your Booking and on behalf of yourself and each member of your Group that:

2.1.1                     you have the right to make this agreement;

2.1.2                     you have the authority of and act as agent for all others on whose behalf you are making the Booking;

2.1.3                     that you are over the age of 18 years;

2.1.4                     all of the information you give to us when you make a Booking is true, accurate and complete and that you are not acting as agent for anyone else apart from the people in your Group;

2.1.5                     you have told us before the delivery of our services of anything which might affect the Booking or any advice or assistance we or the Event Organiser might give including any disabilities to which you or a member of your Group are subject and which may affect the delivery of the services we provide;

2.1.6                     you will follow any advice we give you in relation to the Booking; if you choose not to take we will not be liable for the consequences;

2.1.7                     you and each member of your Group will at all times comply with the reasonable requests and conditions of the Event Organiser – if you break this sub-Clause your Booking may be cancelled and you will not be entitled to any compensation; and

2.1.8                     if you require any meetings prior to the event for which the Booking is made or any additional services during such event, you will pay the reasonable charges and expenses of the Event Organiser for attending such meeting and/or providing such additional services;

The Event

2.2          You accept and agree that the Event Organiser is solely in charge of the Event and that you must comply with all terms and conditions attaching to your Booking, imposed by that Event Organiser. A link to the Event Organiser’s terms and conditions will be included in the Booking form  if we are handling the Booking as your agent.

2.3          It is possible that the Event will be filmed or otherwise recorded, by accepting these Terms you agree that you consent to such recordings and to their public broadcast, in any manner, and that you have no claim to any copyright, image rights of other intellectual property rights which may subsist in them.


4.            OUR ROLE

4.1          When making a Booking for services, you acknowledge and agree that we will be acting as your agent (we are not the agent of the Event Organiser);

4.2          On your behalf, we will endeavour to make a contract with the Event Organiser, when you confirm your Booking. Your booking is not confirmed until the deposit payment has been made and we or the Event Organiser have submitted confirmation to you.

4.3          If we do not arrange the Booking, then our Service is confined to suggesting to you events, which we think may be suitable for you, assisting you in making arrangements and giving you the contact details of the Event Organiser. In this case, we will not take any payment from you, nor will we make any arrangements on your behalf.

4.4          If we arrange additional items for you to add to your Event, we do so as your agent and the terms and conditions with regard to any such additional items will be the same, in all respects, as if the supplier of such additional items, was the Event Organiser.


5.            THE PROCESS

5.1          No contract exists between you and the Event Organiser until we or the Organiser have indicated to you by way of a written confirmation that the Booking has been accepted.

5.2          When we make the request for a Booking, we will remit the deposit to the Event Organiser, with that request


6.            PAYMENT

6.1          If we are making arrangements for you, you will pay the required deposit upon return of the booking contract.. If no payment is made, in accordance with this provision, we have the right to terminate the agreement , without notice nor payment of any compensation for such termination.

6.2          You accept that we earn commissions from Event Organisers.

6.3          You agree that we may receive and retain all and any commission that is paid to us by an Event Organiser in relation to the Booking.

6.4          If you make a payment for a Booking using the services we provide and that payment is later dishonoured, taken back by your bank or we are otherwise obliged to return it to your bank then and in any such instance, you agree that you will repay to us:

6.4.1      the amount dishonoured, taken back or returned;

6.4.2      a sum of at least £25 to cover the administrative expenses to which we are put as a result;

6.4.3      an amount equivalent to interest at the rate of 6% above the base rate from time to time of Barclays Bank plc on such amount from the date upon which the money ceased to be held to our credit to the date we receive payment from you (whether before or after judgment).

6.5          You agree that you will pay the balance due  to the Event Organiser in accordance with its terms of payment. Should you fail to do so, the Event Organiser has the right not to perform but the balance due to it will still be due and payable.



Cancellation by you

7.1          If you are buying services from us as a consumer then the following provisions apply:

7.1.1      for the purpose of the Regulations we may confirm these Terms and Conditions and the goods and services we are providing to you in the email in which we confirm your Booking;

7.1.2      if we have made the arrangements for you, you may cancel any Booking by telling us in writing (either by letter sent by 1st Class Signed For delivery or email to the address from which the Booking was confirmed) within the period of 14 days from the date the Booking was made and in that event , we will advise the Event Organiser of your decision and request a refund of monies sent. Our responsibility ends at that point. As we are acting as your agent, and if the Event Organiser refuses the refund, you must take such further action as you choose, in order to secure that refund.

7.1.3      if you cancel after the date referred to in sub-Clause 9.1.2 you will be obliged to pay:

a.            if cancellation is more than one month from the date of the Booking no additional payment but you will lose all sums paid to us before that cancellation; and

b.            if cancellation takes place within one month of the Booking you will be obliged to pay the full amount of the fee due to the Event Organiser.

7.2         If you are not buying as a consumer you may not cancel the Booking.

7.3         If we or the Event Organiser are not able to honour your Booking for any reason, we may cancel that Booking by giving you 14 days’ notice in writing, where possible, (either by letter sent by 1st Class Signed For delivery or email to the address from which the Booking was confirmed) and without reason and in that event our sole liability will be to refund to you the amount you have paid to us for the Booking.


Cancellation and Alteration by the Event Organiser

7.4         All tickets we supply remain the property of the Event Organiser and may be revoked at any time, without reason. Should that happen, we will assist you in obtaining a refund but, as we do not act for the Event Organiser, your rights are against it and not against us.

7.5         The Event Organiser, alone, is responsible for the content of any event and, as we cannot control what is delivered at that event, you must contact the Event Organiser if you have any issues.




7.6         If you wish to amend your Booking, we will advise the Event Organiser and assist you in making that amendment but you accept and agree that we have no control over whether an amendment can be made and in relation to any additional costs which that amendment may incur.



Event Organiser Failure

7.10       If the Event Organiser breaches his agreement with you, in any way, please follow these simple rules:

               7.10.1    As soon as you can, tell the Event Organiser and make a note of the time and date of your complaint and details of what, if any, promises have been made.

               7.10.2    Remember that the earlier you tell the Event Organiser (or us) about the problem, the sooner it can be solved – If you don’t make a complaint until after the event is over, there is very little than can be done.



               We will not retain any information relating to your bank or credit cards.



9.1         If you experience delays or difficulties with your Booking you must contact the Event Organiser as soon as you can.

9.2         You should always try to resolve the problem as soon as you can, with the Event Organiser and you have a legal duty to keep your losses to a minimum but



Neither you nor we will be liable for any failure or delay in performing our respective  obligations where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond the reasonable control of that Party. Such causes include, but are not limited to: power failure, internet service provider failure, industrial action, civil unrest, fire, flood, storms, pandemics, epidemics, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, acts of war, governmental action or any other event that is beyond the control of the Party in question.